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Cut your phone bill today by 50% or more and upgrade with better phone systems from Panasonic or Cisco with Music On hold, Office Mobility or as your backup phone system......
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 Business Office Phone System -

Panasonic IP Phone KX-TGP series:

  as shown in picture -multi line multi wireless extensions:


Designed with office mobility in mind , this IP phone is a perfect fit for business with users from 1 to 50+

Easy install, no need to wire your office anymore;

Easy expand with the growth of your business,

Easy connection, just plug and play.


-Caller ID name;
-Caller ID number;
-Music on hold;
-3-way calling;
-Auto attendant;
-Voice Mail;
-Voice Mail to email into your smart phone;
-Voice Mail indicator on base and on handsets
-Intercom other handset;
-Operator extension for call transfer;
-Clear Voice via SIP-DECT 6.0 advance 
-Forward your business lines to your cell line whenever you want;

We activate the Base unit and Handsets as an advanced wireless phone system:
-with new telephone number or with same telephone number;
-with private mailbox for each extension, optional;
-with formal greetings recorded by actors plus background music;
-assign a telephone number to a desired handset, optional;

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TIP discovered  

-We provide telephone numbers - when a number is being called: 
One of follwsing will happen:
a) All extensions in office will ring, or
b)Some extensions chosen not to ring, or
c)An operator picks up one ringing extension and transfer the call to other extensions, or
d) If this line is busy, hunt to another free line to ring the extensions; so on so forth.

- 9 ways to dial out : 
Pre-dial: dial a number, see it on display, and make sure it is correct; then lift handset or press Sp-phone button to dial out automatically; 

Manually dial: (a common traditional way of dialing): pick up the handset for dial tone, then dial out a 10 digit telephone number that has to be memorized correctly to avoid misdialing;

Re-dial: press REDIAL button to display a telephoen number that was dialed before and lift handset or ress Sp-phone button to dial out automatically, upto 10 numbers can be retrieved from re-dial list.

Phonebook dial: display the number from phonebook by pressing phonebook icon then lift handset or press Sp-phone button to dial out automatically.

Speed dial: press and hold a key of 1-9 to display the number, then pickup handset or press Sp-phone button to dial out automatically;

Caller list dial: incoming caller ID stays in an area, named as caller list. After a number is revealed on display from it, you may return the call automatically by lifting handset or pressing Sp-phone button.

Calling card dial: common blame of hard dialing is due to too many numbers to dial, upto 45 digits (11 digit local number, upto 16 digits account#/pin/access code, and next 18 digits of country code and international numbers). On this phone, calling card dialing becomes simple.  Calling-On-Reuse-Phonebook(CORP), a feature that allows you to access a number stored in phonebook entry and dial it out in the duration of an active calling, gives you a way to use calling card dialing automatically: store the local number, the account#/pin, and destination country code international number, total three portions, separately in three entries in the phonebook. When starting to use the calling card, access each stored entry, one at a time at voice instruction prompt, completing each of three portions of the long-digit dialing automatically without missing a digits.

Voice mail dial: on this phone, dialing for voice mail message becomes simple: two steps, press the hard key VOICEMAIL to display voice mail access number on display,and then lift handset or press Sp-phone button, dialing occurs then automatically. 

3-way dialing: dialing 1st telephone number, when it goes through, press menu and 3 for dial tone, then dial 2nd telephone number, after it goes through, press CONF for conferencing.


It is affordable to upgrade your office phone system - savings from current bills pays off the system in just a few months. 

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Our Customer's Reviews :

" ... The expertise from LineServices helped us to achieve our goal of how we want our phone calls to route, and each month we can save a lot on our phone bills. The voice quality is good and we are unable to find the features we use anywhere else. Thank you LineServices ! ...  "  < from GardenHomeRealty >

" ... I have been with this company for more than one year. I am very happy with the service. Even when I was travelling in China, I can use the same line calling back to US without extra fee ! ... "  < from Erica, New York City >

" We use LineServices because we need two extensions with two private mailbox for each extension. Re-wiring in office is not our option so we choose to use Panasonic wireless system. Greetings are with background music recorded by voice professional, it sounded  very nice to our customers, now we are more productive since call routes
to correct employee automatically, we are glad for our choices from LineServices...< from a CPA firm in NJ >


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hone service for your home:
  • Increditable clear voice;
  • No computer is involved;
  • Naturally dialing from your home phone;
  • Very easy to set up - plug and play;
  • Keep same number if desired;
  • E911 compliance;
  • Still can receive incoming call during power outage;*
Select a better plan and subscribe to our home phone service today:

* In-coming calls will be forwarded to your cell phone in the event of power outage on your home phone line.

Introducing Global 29 Plan:
$24.95 per month:  You may call unlimited minutes to 29 contries/regions around the world, where your contacts locate. Inclueded contries/regions ** are:

Argentina Canada

Colombia China

 France       Germany



Hong Kong   Hungary






New Zealand



Puerto Rico

Russia     Singapore  


Sweden     Taiwan  


United Kingdom         

U.S. Virgin Islands
**: Not all destination numbers in one country/region are included in the plan; inquiry with specific destination numbers for in-plan services.   Doc#


Phone service for your office:
Samples here demo what our office phone system can do:

(sample 1)

(smple 2)

Business office  needs tools, systems and solutions that help them cut costs, improve ROI and stay connected. LineServices understands that  the phone system is one of tools to help clients to organize the business call flow process and what they need is
more than just receiving or making phone calls:

• How incoming calls are answered
• How the calls are put on hold while
  someone is being found
• How incoming calls are transferred
• How to to route calls in off-
• How to deal with calls in holidays
• How to deal with business
• What features do they use extensively
  on current system
• What are those that they hate about on
  their existing sysm

At LineServices, we want to work with you to provide the best solution for your phone system application. We offer in-house samples demo for product selection and system customization, and we back our solutions and your organization, with highest level of support in the industry.

System Features include: 

     •  Caller ID number - numeric;

  • Caller ID name - your firm name; 
  • 3-way Calling;
  • Call recording,optional
  • Call transfer;
  • Automated attendant - press 1 for John smith,press 2 for Linda Huu;
  • Music on hold;
  • After-business hour call re-route automatically;  
  • Multi-location call routing - work at home or in the office, no difference in answering the phone calls; or a feature for a call center; 
  • Professional greeting messages creation with background music - more professional to your customers;
  • Voice Mail;
  • Multi-phones / extensions simultaneous ringing;
  • Voice Mail to Email for voice messaging - even you are oversees you can still hear the message;
  • Incoming call re-direct in the event of power outage - elevated system reliability;
  • Line hunting;
  • Toll free number 888/877 line service with optional vanity #;
  • Local number low cost multi-line / multi-extension monthly service;
  • Monthly phone bill reduction;
  • Faxing;
  • Keep the same number;
  • Virtual office takes incoming calls for you;
  • Follow me - rings your office phone, mobile phone and home phone at the same time;

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